Metro Stylee Reunited for Apple Stomp at Iriving Plaza also featuring The Suicide Machines, The Pilfers, What’s Your Problem Brian,& more!

Ska was brought back to life this weekend at Irving Plaza with the Apple Stomp festival featuring over 15+ bands which included The Suicide Machines, Mephiskapheles, The Pilfers, What’s Your Problem Brian, and our personal favorite (for bias reasons) Metro Stylee.  For the first time in over 13 years, Metro Stylee hit the big stage with huge acts delivering a once in a life time reunion show which didn’t seem far from their 90’s performances.  I wasn’t able to attend the second night of performances, so I only have photos from Friday.  You can check them out with the link below to take you to the gallery and I also added a few of my personal favorite shots from the evening under that.  We want to thank Apple Stomp, Asbestos Records and Live Nation, Coolie Ranx, all the other amazing bands, and of course the Stylee’s and their fans for making this unforgettable night happen.  Also a huge shout out to Steve Pan and Otto’s Shrunken Head for hosting the Metro Stylee after party and a spontaneous last minute show.

Click HERE to view Friday night at Apple Stomp festival

What’s Your Problem Brian

Inspecter 7

Inspecter 7

Metro Stylee

Metro Stylee

The Pilfers

The Suicide Machines


  1. I’m Surprised Travis Nelson “aka” Black y shamrock’ the closet W.P. singer for I-7 Didn’t wear his closet w.p. Nazi Screwdriver t-shirt on stage this time. Since he want’s to be down with R.A.C. assholes from long island so bad.

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