Go “Big Up” or Go Home

What a fun weekend! SHAW PROMOTION was a proud sponsor of the Big Up Music and Arts Festival this past weekend on a beautiful, large farm in Ghent, New York.  With an attendance of over 4,000 people camping, crafting, and dancing, there was always a photo op (wish I would have brought more camera batteries; camping = no electric outlets).  Between 4 stages (2 in the main field, one in the woods, and a late night barn) playing all day and night, it was almost like the festival had split personalities yet somehow managed to combine together seamlessly to form one really amazing weekend.  Day time was full of really good jam bands, enjoying the local vendors and arts, and soaking up the sun on a beautiful large field while night time seemed to explode with energy.  Once the sun went down, the dub/electro bands took stage and out of nowhere everyone is lit up moving with glow sticks and light up hula hoops; I’ve seriously never seen so many amazing hula hoopers in one place (not to mention so many lasers).  I know what you’re thinking, “Ravers? Glowsticks? Jam Bands?”, but we here at SHAW PROMOTION consider ourselves “Subcultural Tourists”, so by fully embracing the festival we really got to experience something that isn’t offered in New York City.  It’s hard to say much more because I’m honestly amazed at what an incredible time we had, so I figure I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  A big thank you to all of the Big Up staff including Matt Fisch, Franesa, Lori and Robby, Kim, and everyone we met for making such a cool, large scale event possible; we can’t wait for next year!

For a whole lot more really fun photos of Big Up 2011 CLICK HERE

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