SHAW Promotion’s Best 13 of 2013!!

It’s unbelievable how quickly 2013 went by, it was quite a fun year for us at SHAW Promotion, thanks to all of our awesome clients. As per our tradition, here is a list of our favorite things we did this year in a round of of “SHAW Promotion’s BEST 13 of 2013”, as told by JaiDee Valentine. SHAW life is defitinely work hard, play harder and we had such an amazing year filled with awesome stuff to do.  Check it out below, and don’t forget, you can always join us for all these fun events next year by RSVPing HERE to our weekly newsletter which highlights whats happening for SHAW in New York City and beyond!

13. Coney Island USA Spring Gala 2013: The Burlesque Manifesto – February 25, 2013

SHAW Promotion has been lucky enough to work with (and help save!) Coney Island and we were invited VIP style this year to the Burlesque Spring Gala fund raiser which was packed with half naked dancers and freak show stunt people.

12. 3rd Annual Pet Day at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park and
Pet Costume Contest June 15, 2013

This year we signed our own dogs up to compete in the Coney Island Pet Day (Elvis, Thea, and our friend’s dog, Blue). They didn’t win, but they sure did turn a lot of heads. We even got to take them on Deno’s Wonderwheel! A must do for the Spring time.

11. Verboten Stage One “Never Say Never” – July 4, 2013

Verboten has always done amazing events, but last Fourth of July’s Williamsburg Waterfront party was packed with over thousands of people raging from the afternoon ’till midnight with the greatest view of Manhattan.  Win!

10. “Skyy and Sea” Skyy Vodka Governors Ball Kick Off Cruise and
Governor’s Ball – June 6 & 7, 2013

SHAW Promotion was invited by our good friend Nicky Digital to a all you can eat and drink #SkyyandSea cruise around NYC.  Good times, good friends, good booze and of course, great views.  The next day we were given Two weekend passes to Governor’s Ball by our friend Alyson Schill, who was the recycling director. Yes please! Despite it raining, we had so much fun in what turned out to be a huge mud pit.  Gun’s and Roses, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Kendrick Lamar, and so much more… no way a little rain kept us away!

9.  Bowie Ball: The Ultimate Glam Rock Revolution – October 12, 2013

Oh that Deryck Todd, fashion designer, party producer and the savior of NYC’s glam rock revolution that is the Bowie Ball. This is the closes thing to the one NYC party I miss dearly, the MOTHERF*CKER party (RIP). We are all looking forward to see more Bowei Ball next year!

8. Lizzie Steelheart’s (of Bikini Carwash) Wedding and Road Trip – April, 2013

The singer of Andy’s band, Bikini Carwash, got married to her best friend in Kentucky in April which mean “Road Trip!” to us.  They held their wedding at the Newport Aquarium which was completely closed off to everyone but wedding guests which gave us a intimate look at penguins, sharks, and included a jellyfish cocktail hour. Bonus: the bride played a set in her wedding dress!  We also use this opportunity to camp at Smokey Mountains and traveled the entire length of Blue Ridge Parkway.

7. Brooklyn Night Bazaar – November 1, 2013 – current

Brooklyn Night Bazaar came back with a vengeance this year! Fixating itself at its new permanent home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn open year round, they have received huge nods from everyone in NYC not only because of their genius idea of a night market, but to add awesome live bands and to pair of with some of the hottest brands and magazines.

6. Red Bull Music Academy – April – May, 2013

Red Bull Music Academy creamed it this year in music in NYC, presenting 38 live concerts in one month.  Wow!  SHAW Promotion had the opportunity to help Red Bull with this incredible month long program with countless DJs, parties, Workshops, Music Battles, and on and on.  We were also given enough Red Bulls to last the remaining year of 2013 and into 2014!

5. Bootie NYC St Paddy’s Mashup Party – March 16, 2013
NY’s Wildest St. Patrick’s Day Bash

SHAW Promotion has been partnering up with A+D, the creator of Bootie Mashup party from SF, for many years.  In 2013, we took up residency at Le Poisson Rouge and it has been a wild ride.  One of my most memorable Bootie NYC parties was our St. Paddy’s with live performance by Smash Up Derby.  Village Voice hailed it “NY’s Wildest St. Patrick’s Day Bash” and you can see all the awesome photos from Maro Hagopian of the Village Voice HERE!

4. Metro Stylee Reunion at Apple Stomp SKA Festival – May 31st & June 1, 2013

Metro Stylee performs “Back Again” with Coolie Ranks of Pilfers. Click on image for video

Andy’s old ska band from the 1990’s had their reunion show this year at Irving Plaza where they teamed up with Live Nation and Asbestos Records to play this bad ass show.  Ska is not dead, it is in fact being revived. Check back for more updates on when you can see their next show, January 19, 2014 at the Gramercy Theater!

3. Bachelor’s Motorcycle Trip – July, 2013

For Andy’s bachelor party, he decided he didn’t want the usual night of strippers and liquor, so he rounded of 4 of his buddies and they took a week to travel New England on their motorcycles, camping from state to state.  Not much better than the open road and your friends.

2. Andy & JaiDee’s Honeymoon in Bali – September 28, 2013

Two weeks in paradise on a lovers vacation? Yes please! We stayed at 5 star resorts, saw exotic birds and flowers, ate way too much, and traveled the country learning about their culture, people, music, cuisine and art.  Bring me back to the beach please!

1. SHAW Fest Wedding Weekend – August 31, 2013

Because we got married duh! And we did out our way, a three day weekend packed with celebrating, camping, bouncy castles, and rafting down the Delaware River.  Obviously first place. Huge thanks to our wedding sponsors: PBR, Sailor Jerry and Mercy! Check out our amazing video trailer of the wedding shot by our friends at Shooting Stars Wedding below.

SHAW Promotion would also like to thank all of our clients this year including (but not limited to):

Webster Hall, Le Poisson Rouge, Coney Island USA, Bootie Mashup NYC, Mercy, Sailor Jerry Rum, PBR, Bang-On, Blk Mrkt, Fixed NYC, Boom Collective, Two Hustlers, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Kaufman Center, Governors Ball, Scenic Presents, Dances of Vice, Prohibition Productions, Trouble & Bass, Mother Brother, Deadly Dragon Sound, Kampfire PR, Dupspot, Red Bull, Passport to Taiwan, Afro Punk, Backseat Conceptions, Live Nation, Twig the Wonderkid, Deryck Todd and Bowie Ball, Creative Time, Crown Victoria, DFA Records, Vice, Jess Marquis, Justine D, Queen Majesty, DJ Ceremony, DJ VH1, Del Exilio, Fools Gold Records, Fuse Gallery, Urban Justice Center, Coney Island USA, Thirsty Girl Productions, The Sons & Heirs, Hsu Nami, Metro Stylee, Bikini Carwash, Saint Vitus, Sand Blast, Rocks Off, Nicky Digital,, Mr Andre, New Art Dealers Alliance, Mirrorball Group, Joshua Gabriel, Hours by Appointment, Hester Street Fair, Global Advertising Strategies, Invisible North, Campus Circle and MORE!!

Last but not least, we would like to thank all our vendors and of course the backbone of SHAW Promotion, our fantastic street team who endures late nights, bad weather, and tons of crazy people out there on the streets; we couldn’t have had such a great year without you!

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