SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 4.30 ~ 5.5, 2015

“Red Bull Music Academy Festival NY: GHE20G0TH1K + 100 Disciplines, Midnight Cabaret w. Albert Cadabra, Glamdammit, Derby Day at Pinks, and MORE”

SHAW 4.30_5.5_2015

Zombie Crawl 5.31.15 banner

Hello Fellow New Yorkers,
I would like to start this week’s newsletter with the return of our “SHAW Me The Tickets” ticket giveaway! 2015 marks the 8th year we are working with the Gotham Girls Roller Derby as I watch the popularity of the league and these fast women on skates soar with sold out bouts and national championships. The next bout is Brooklyn Bombshells v. Bronx Gridlock on Saturday, May 9 and we got a pair of tickets for YOU! Click HERE for details on how to win a fun night out!

GGRD 5.9.2015

The 2015 Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York (#RBMANYC) is upon us and we are thrilled to be working them once again. We are promoting for the whole festival and some of the specific events throughout the month of May. Starting this week, we have the GHE20G0TH1K at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (Get tickets HERE!) on Saturday and 100 Disciplines at the Brooklyn Museum (Free with admission to the Museum) on Sunday. For complete listing of all the RBMANYC shows, check out!

Red Bull Music Academy 2015

Twig the Wonderkid’s monthly “Glamdammit” is back this week with live performances by The Sharp Lads, The Bowery Boys and Ingrid and The Defectors. There is a PBR open bar at 11PM when the party starts to help you get in the spirit of rock and roll and we have your guest list right here! Space is limited, RSVP is on first come basis.

The weekly burlesque party “Midnight Cabaret” at Drom is now FREE! Kicking off the May edition hosted by The Great Deceiver, Albert Cadabra, an amazing array of performances completed by circus / aerial and fire performers! Did I mention it’s all FREE now?! Your Saturday night can’t get any sexier, grab a date and some friends and go check out The Midnight Cabaret!

Our friends at Sailor Jerry are always involved with super cool events and this Sunday, Sailor Jerry’s delicious rum cocktails will be on special for $6 from 12PM – 6PM at the 2nd Annual Split’n Lanes & Dodgin’ Gutters: A Classic Motorcycle Show at Brooklyn Bowl. Team SHAW Promotion are riders and huge fans of all things motorcycle and Sailor Jerry, between Stephen and I we have 5 bikes and I will definitely be there this Sunday with my bike at the reserved motorcycle parking right out front of Brooklyn Bowl. This event is FREE and ALL AGES! Check out the video from last year’s Split’n Lanes and Dodgin’ Gutters below.

Spliting Lanes_Dodging Gutters video

I would like to thank Run Around Sue for sending us some buttons in memory of the late Jess Marquis. I have many people asking me where to get these buttons, the supply is very limited, but Run Around Sue agreed to mail some out to people who loved Jess. Email me directly for details.


Lastly, I want to give a HUGE congratulations to my best friend who won first place at last week’s NYC Hot Sauce Expo on both flavors of her Queen Majesty Hot Sauce!! What an amazing accomplishment for a brand that’s only 2 years old, I am so proud!


For all other SHAW Promotion events this week, please check out the rest of the newsletter or our calendar for the latest. Thank you for reading, till next week!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weather 4.30_5.5_2015

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 4.22 ~ 4.28, 2015

“The Final Shaken & Stirred, Rock n Roll Bingo, Hivern Discs Tour, Moss Icon+Into It. Over It BK Bazaar, The Waterboys, Midnight Cabaret, Hot Sauce Expo and MORE”

SHAW 4.22-4.28.2015

GGRD 5.915 banner
Hey New York,
Before I move on to this week’s events, I would like to give respect to Webster Hall for putting together such a emotional, beautiful, and appropriate memorial for Jess Marquis. Along with 15 other speakers, I had the chance to say my peace and share stories of Jess on stage to his friends and family. We were all so glad the Immler family had the chance to hear from so many people on how much impact Jess had made in our lives and in NYC. It was the biggest nightlife reunion and very heartfelt; it was something we all needed. Thank you Webster Hall and “Thank you Jess Marquis for connecting us all“.

Thank you Jess

With the untimely passing of one of the main creator and hosts, the team at “Shaken & Stirred” have decided they do not want to continued the party without Jess Marquis. Tonight, is THE FINAL Shaken & Stirred burlesque dance party: In Memory of DJ Jess at The Delancey. Be there for the last dance. All monies from the night, including Gogo tips, performer fees, and 20% of the bar, will be donated to Jess’s fund with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Shaken & Stirred final

If your still itching for some sexy, the new weekly Midnight Cabaret continues on Saturdays at Drom. This week’s edition featured DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness & Valora Dee as the Stage Kitten and hosted by Brooklyn’s lascious, hilarious showman of supernatural sleeze Dandy Darkly. We are still running the **Special $10 SHAW DISCOUNT with the code “cancan“!! Get your tickets HERE!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar and awesome FREE concerts this weekend is presented by Time Out NY. Live performances from Moss Icon, Guerilla-Toss, Beech Creeps, Multiculti & Voice Coils on Friday and Into It. Over It, Major League, Tiny Moving Parts, Collect Yourself & Safety on Saturday. The Brooklyn Night Bazaar was the WINNER of  “Best Music Venue” in Time Out Love New York Awards in 2014 and you know that TONY is curating this showcase carefully to bring you the finest talents and for FREE! Knock yourself out!

Time Out NY Bazaar
We have many more events and options on weekends, but if a casual week night with games and delicious, inexpensive food is more of your steeze, look no further than the Rock and Roll Bingo at Pinks in the East Village. Classic bingo format with Rock’n’Roll trivia with prizes range from music memorabilia to free food and drinks and 2 for 1 Classic Burgers! The night is completed with music by Twigg Von Wunderkind and Emcee by Christopher Hardwick. Bingo!

Lastly, this Saturday and Sunday is the 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo at Brooklyn Expo, in Greenpoint Brooklyn. This is not a SHAW Promotion event, so why am I talking about this? Because 1. I am a big fan of anything spicy. 2. I am a HUGE fan of the Queen Majesty Hot Sauce. 3. I have been helping Queen Majesty making her hot sauce for the past few months and I will be working at the expo this weekend! Queen Majesty was the 2nd place winner in the Jalapeño Category for her Jalapeño Tequila and Lime Hot Sauce at the last year.

New York City Hot Sauce Expo 2014

Qm Hotsauce winner

The Hot Sauce Expo is from 10AM – 6PM with $10 general admission. If you are a fan of anything spicy, this is not to be missed, or just come visit the Queen Majesty booth and say hi. Hope to see you there!

You can call me Chef Shawzy
Andy Shaw hot sauce
#QueenMajestyHotsauceQueen Majesty Hot Sauce

Thank you for reading, check out all the events we have this week below, and Happy Earth Day!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weather 4.22-28.2015

Zombie Crawl 5.31.15 banner

Wednesday April 22, 2015
Shaken & Stirred – The Finale: In Memory of DJ Jess at The Delancey
Vespa Club Aperitivo at Perbacco Restaurant

Thursday April 23, 2015
Deadly Dragon Sound Presents: Downtown Top-Ranking at The Delancey

Friday April 24, 2015
FIXED Presents Hivern Discs Tour w. John Talabot & Mark Pinol @ Output
Time Out NY Presents Moss Icon, Guerilla-Toss, Beech Creeps, Multiculti & Voice Coils at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Saturday May 25, 2015
The Midnight Cabaret Hosted by Dandy Darkly at DROM
Time Out NY Presents Into It. Over It, Major League and MORE at Brooklyn Night Bazaar
The Waterboys Live With Special Guest The Bluebonnets at Irving Plaza
Jiffy’s Food. Drinks. Music – Brunch Special (Saturday & Sunday)
High River Sauces Presents The 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo at Brooklyn Expo (Saturday & Sunday)

Tuesday April 28, 2015
Rock ‘N’ Roll Bingo w. DJ Twig the Wonderkid + 2-4-1 Classic Burgers at PINKS

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 4.15 ~ 4.19, 2015 (RIP Jess Marquis)

“The Buzzcocks, Midnight Cabaret, Pity Sex + The Album Leaf BK Bazaar, Bikini Carwash, Rebel Night *RIP Jess Marquis*”

Dear New York,
As most of you know by now, this past week we lost a shining star in the industry and a very dear friend of mine, Jess Marquis. The outcry of this tragic loss from our community was everywhere and the sense of loss and sadness was immeasurable. There is no doubt on the impact of life Jess had on every single person he met and on New York City nightlife as a whole. Jess and I started our journey in nightlife together in 2003 with both SHAW Promotion and the Trash! party at Rififi and we have always been side-by-side with love, support, and friendship; we had accomplished so much together. With the untimely passing of my old friend, I truly feel a part of SHAW Promotion and NYC has died with it. I am sad beyond words and still having trouble getting over this shock. I wrote a personal tribute of memories for Jessm you can read it here and share your stories of him in our comments sections. “DJ Jess, Jess Marquis, Jesse Immler; RIP Old Friend“.  You can also read the tribute for Jess from Igor of Driven By Boredom HERE and from Village Voice HERE.


There is a service for Jess on Thursday April 16, 2015 at 7PM.”There is a light that never goes out” Celebrating The Life of JESS MARQUIS IMMLER. The SHAW Promotion crew will definitely be there. RIP Jess, I love you.

Jess memorial

Jess and I designed our newsletter formats together back in 2004 and as Jess would always say, “the show (SHAW) must go on“. With my heavy heart, I will present you this week’s SHAW events below.

The Shaken & Stirred party we’ve been promoting was one of the last events I was involved with Jess before his untimely passing. Jess was one of the hosts and tonight’s featured burlesque is Apathy Angel, another old friend of Jess and I. Be sure to go support this burlesque dance party tonight and have a toast for him.

For this Saturday’s Midnight Cabaret, we are still running the special $10 SHAW DISCOUNT with the code “cancan. This week’s edition is hosted by the notorious downtown drag superstar
Sweetie with live music by Amour Obscur and featuring Julie Atlas Muz, Mr. Gorgeous and many others. Click HERE for details!

The Midnight Cabaret at Drom
Midnight Cabaret 4.18. talents

Amour Obscur

Our work with Live Nation continues with this week’s legendary The Buzzcocks from the UK live at Irving Plaza. The Buzzcocks shared the same label on Go Karts Records as my old punk band, INDK, as well as one of my favorite nightlife rocker, Theo Kogan of the old legendary NYC band, The Luna Chicks.  Punk rock!

The Buzzcocks

Speaking of punk rock, my band Bikini Carwash recently acquired a new guitarist with my old friend Alex Divide and we are playing our first show together at the soon-to-be-close Trash Bar in Williamsburg. There is an OPEN BAR from 7 – 8PM with $8 admission, Bikini Carwash set time is at 9PM. A side note: Our singer Lizzie Steelheart was college friends with Jess, it also just goes to show the far reach of Jess’ reach with the NYC community. I hope to see you at the show.

Bikini Carwash 4.17.15

T Presents & Ipsum Magazine are your presenters for this weekend’s Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Featuring Pity Sex, Foxes in Fiction, John Galm and The Spirit of the Beehive on Friday and The Album Leaf, Drop Electric, The Tablets & Han Demo on Saturday. Always FREE and always AWESOME!

For more of this week’s events, please check out the rest of this newsletter or on the SHAW calendar. We also thrilled to be working with the Red Bull Music Academy NY Festival for the 3rd year. Check out the Que Bajo?! and Yardcore events in the upcoming section at the bottom of this newsletter with more to come!

Lastly before I go, I want to share the happiest day of my life as of Monday April 13, at 6:18PM, when I finally got to meet my son, Jarvis Fan Shaw. Happy birthday Jarvis, I love you so much.

Meet Jarvis Shaw

Thank you for reading this week, I look forward to see many of you at Jess’ memorial service family reunion on Thursday at Webster Hall. As Jess would always say: “Good night you sexy motherf*ckers!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

DJ Jess, Jess Marquis, Jesse Immler; RIP Old Friend.

RIP Jess

It is well known by now that New York City (and I’m sure many other cities and friends), has lost an icon who was best known as DJ Jess Marquis, making immediate rounds on social media on the morning, of Thursday, April 9, 2015.  Waking up to many texts messages and emails blowing up my phone, I shot out of bed trying to wrap my head around these “rumors” that Jess had passed and carefully figuring out who I could get real information from before my meltdown began.  Unfortunately the “rumors” had become truth and the never ending support and love for this man cried out of every app on my phone, just as it was crying out of me.  One thing was apparent from everyone’s shared memory was that Jess had such an impact on our lives, being the first friend to many in NYC or introducing us to an underground culture of weird dance parties, or giving us a lesson on what he loved so much about this city which is music.  I’d like to share my fondest memories of him, as he had such a huge impact on my life and who I am today as well.


I met Jess in early 2000 as a roommate of my dear friend Amylu. He was Jesse and I was Andy Stylee. Jesse was new to New York and we took instant liking to each other as he was quick witted, passionate, smart, full of life and ambition. We shared many similar interests, but mainly our passion for music and our dreams of “making it” in New York as musicians. I was in a new punk band called INDK and Jesse was in a new Smiths cover band called The Salford Lads. Jesse, Amylu, and I spent many nights at their apartment in Park Slope watching TV, movies and Morrissey videos, him always made fun of how much I yelled and talked back during a show, and I often annoyed yet amazed on how long he would take in the bathroom blow drying his notoriously beautiful hair. I would give him rides around town on my 1975 Vespa and he would complain about his helmet hair. I often went to see his band, The Salford Lads, whenever possible; my favorites being the appearances at the ‘Tiswas party.

Salford Lads.
Salford Lads

I moved to San Diego California in 2001 and picked up a street promotion job and in 2003 I decided to move back to my hometown of NYC to give promotion and marketing a shot closer to my family and loved ones. I spent the first 3 months back in New York trying to kick start my new found business with very little luck, and that’s when Jesse came back into my life. One day he called me and explained to me that he started this new party called “Trash!” at the East Village dive bar, Rififi, and he would like to hire me to help promote it. I was thrilled with the opportunity and said “Thank you so much Jesse!” and he replied “No, please call me Jess, I’m rebranding myself as Jess now“. I laughed and said “well then, don’t call me Andy Stylee anymore, I will also rebrand myself to just Andy Shaw and I ‘m going to name my new company SHAW Promotion.

We Are Americana
We Are Americana

I had never done party promotion, my only background was doing some branding gigs out West on and off, and took this first job very seriously. I went to Rififi to “study” his party and although the attendance was low, the energy was high and the potential was exciting; I could see his vision and I was on board. The very next day I spent a few hours with “Jess” to brain storm promotion techniques and presented my street level approach to him; he was immediately on board as he was always a believer of grass roots promotion to reach audience as they often did back in the hay days of the ’90s. We agreed we needed to build not just a party, but a community and we were going to find those people. We would target young college kids and build a home and a family and make “Trash!” an institution where kids can come and be carefree and freak out. We designed the original Trash! flyers together, printed few thousand 4×6 postcards and some posters and I immediately went to work hitting the streets. I put my charm, heart, and soul into the party promotion and the attendance was up immediately and growing rapidly. I remember Jess and I high fiving each other, both ecstatic on the quick success of what we had built on his vision and that our strategy had somehow worked, both being so new to this. Trash! quickly became a Downtown staple and I quickly met so many awesome characters and timeless friends, including my “Chairman” Antonio, AKA Twig the Wonderkid, as well as who would become my wife and baby mama, JD Valentine.

Jess & Alex Malfunction at Rififi
Original Trash

Through my success of the Trash! party, I quickly got more party promotion opportunities with “Broadcast” at Bar 13, “‘Tiswas” at Don Hills, “Rated X” at Opaline, “Misshapes” at Luke & Leroy, and eventually with the “Motherfucker” party I was able to put SHAW Promotion on the map as a legitimate business and helped shape the landscape of NYC nightlife. I thanked Jess every day for his opportunity and trust in me and helped me build a career and I was happy to see him flourish as well, as he loved being in the spotlight and the spotlight certainly loved him.

The Original Gang
The OG

From The Salford Lads to Sadie, The Alps, We Are Americana, many different venues of Trash!, Indierotica, Broadcast, NC 17, BUST, Shaken & Stirred to Kill City, I was involved with everything Jess and he was always there for me, pulling me on board for every opportunity he got, as would I always have Jess by my side for anything important including SHAW Promotion anniversary parties, nightlife awards, birthdays, Bootie NYC parties, the list has no end.  When I was helping back in 2004 with their “SHAW on the Street” nightlife assignment, the very first person I interviewed was Jess to show my admiration and respect.  Jess was the first person I asked to attend my limited seating table at both the 2008 & 2009 Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards and we both jumped with joy and screamed together when I won both years, knowing that I was there because of him.  Years later when he made the tough decision to end Trash! at The Studio at Webster Hall, we talked for an hour rambling about the forever changing NYC party scene and what our plans for the future would be.

Paper Mag Nightlife Awards
Nightlife awards

As much as he was my friend during the night, my favorite memories of Jess are the things we did away from the clubs and bars. I helped Jess move into one of his first tiny East Village apartments and remember staying overnight a few times, exhausted after Trash!, staying up until the wee hours of the morning. We both understood the struggles between the nightlife persona and personal lives and we used to have a bi-weekly meet up at his apartment, discussing both work and life; it was there he would pay me with a stack of white envelopes, each dated for the party the payment was for. He was there for me when I went through my divorce, took me out to dinner and comforted me and Jess was there to congratulate me when I was newly engaged to the love of my life and my wedding; it is clear that he was always there for me.

Hudson Hotel Dinner
Jess dinner

The last time I spoke to Jess was just a few days ago. I recommended our Bootie NYC DJ Lobsterdust, for his Kill City party and we talked about his Shaken & Stirred burlesque party, which I was currently promoting for. We chatted about my soon to be born son to which he mentioned JD and I were “obnoxiously cute” and he was looking forward to meet him.


I have been crying all day, shut the curtains, and stayed in bed as many others have. Everywhere I turn in my office I see something that reminds me of Jess Marquis, framed nightlife posters on my walls, flyers around the office; it is so apparent to me how much he is in my every day life, even though we don’t see each other as much these days​. I have always considered SHAW Promotion​ and  Jess/Trash! a brother and sister brand as we started our journey together. With the untimely passing of my old friend, I truly feel a part of SHAW Promotion and NYC has died with it (I remember thinking this when he ended Trash!). As I look at the thousands of social media and news postings about Jess, there is no measurement to the magnitude of impact he had on so many people, with many of the stories repeating a similar, loving story. It has also made me realize I know more than half of all the people posting, because of him.

Jess Party

Jess was a motivated person and always on the lookout for new trends. He stayed current on his skills with DJ classes at Dubspot and he was always willing to give young start up talents a chance, whether it be an aspiring DJ, burlesque dancer, band, bar tender, or just promoter such as myself; his love and support for everyone was genuine and endless. Jess’ passion for Morrissey and Michael Jackson is notorious and we shared the love of late night (or early morning) diner eating and Indian food; I always loved listening to him telling crazy stories over meals. He loved acting, dancing, photography, fashion, DJing, and had an intense love affair with everything he did.

Jess photo

Jesse was so much more than just “nightlife” for me, he was an inspiration, an icon, a loving soul, and most of all, he was a friend. I am so filled with so much sadness, it has crippled me; I’m incapacitated, and inconsolable. My heart goes out to all who knew and loved him and have many stories about how he touched their lives as well as to his family who clearly lost an amazing son. Jess, will never be forgotten, your shadow lives on in my daily life and always will. I love you and may your smiling, freaky soul rest in peace.

~ Andy Shaw, April 10th, 2015

OG Jess

Meeting Jess

Andy Jess
Jess andy

Jess Pandolfi

Jess Marlo

Jess Sarah



Jess Halloween

Jess Jackson

Shaw 3 yrs

Paper Mag Trash

The last nightlife supper

Last nights Party Jess

Photos by Nicky Digital, Amylu, PinupNYC, and myself.


SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 4.8 ~ 4.11, 2015

“The Sonics live, Hank & Cupcakes at BK Bazaar, Midnight Cabaret, Gotham Girls Bronx Gridlock vs. Queens of Pain, FIXED with Sh*t Robot and MORE!”

SHAW 4.8-11.2015

Hello New York City,
Why is the heater on again? I love you New York, but we really need you to stay sunny and warm ASAP. I have a baby coming any day now (already past due date) and I really need to get some motorcycle riding time in before I fully embrace my busy #DadLife.

Speaking of being busy, we have so many fun events to keep you busy this week! We are thrilled to announce another project with Live Nation NYC to help them promote five old school big names upcoming concerts including The Sonics live tonight at Irving Plaza. “The Sonics are claimed worldwide to be the first punk band, or garage, or hard rock, or alternative, setting the stage for all that would follow. Since the beginning of the Northwest Sound, the Sonics set the precedence and the pace that gave to every musician and band that followed the inalienable right to take rock to the edge of the universe, to explore the possibilities, to get out of the rut, experiment, and to scream your guts out, that you have arrived, and to continue that thought.” Read more about The Sonics HERE and get your tickets HERE!  Another upcoming Live Nation show to get really excited about is The Buzzcocks next Thursday on April 16th. The Buzzcocks shared the same label on Go Karts Records as my old punk band, INDK, as well as one of my favorite nightlife rocker, Theo Kogan, old legendary NYC band, The Luna Chicks.  Punk rock!

Live Nation 4up

If you missed last Saturday’s Midnight Cabaret premiere party at Drom, I am happy to tell you that you have another chance to catch this sexy show this week and every Saturday this month. This Saturday’s Midnight Cabaret featuring Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Laidies, Perle Noire, Broadway Brassy, Tiger! , Michael Karas!, Valora Dee along with MC Murray Hill who keeps the party going all night long.

*We have a very special $10 discount advance tickets to this Saturday’s Midnight Cabaret just for you with the code: “Cancan“.  Click HERE for your tickets!!

The Midnight Cabaret at Drom
Midnight pic

The Gotham Girls Roller Derby is back again this Saturday with Bronx Gridlock vs Queens of Pain. SHAW Promotion has been working with these fast women of Gotham Girls for many years and we are a big fan of this proud New York Roller Derby brand. Although I love all the teams and live in Brooklyn, the Queens of Pain is definitely my favorite. Queens is my home town and the captain of Queens of Pain Suzy Hotrod is my home girl and ex-band mate. Advance tickets are highly recommended as these tickets go fast!

Let’s go QUEENS!
Queens of Pain

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar this weekend is presented by Defalco Presents, which only means the most quality of music is coming your way. On Friday, the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra is here to keep your dancing all night and on Saturday is the Hank & Cupcakes Vinyl Release Party. I first saw Hank & Cupcakes at Le Poisson Rouge few years back and immediately knew this is the band to pay attention to. I was impressed with their fun, pop-rock-synth-dance sound and made a mental note to catch them whenever I can. Check out the fun video below and go support your local Brooklyn duo for their release party! (And it’s FREE!)

Hank & Cupcakes video

For all other events this week including Clara Coquette at Shaken & Stirred Burlesque Dance Party, FIXED with Sh*t Robot & WT Records and Little Lesley and The Bloodshots NYC Record Release Party with one of my favorite bands Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones, check out the rest of this newsletter and or our SHAW calendar.

Lara Hope video

Thank you for reading, warmer weather is coming this weekend, enjoy!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weather 4.8-12.2015

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 4.1 ~ 4.5, 2015

“Kostume Kult Horned Ball, The Midnight Cabaret, Fixed, Glamdammit, Tragedy + Reptar CD Release BK Bazaar, Rebel Night, Boo Boo Darlin and MORE”

Shaw header 4.1-5

GGRD 2015 newsletter banner

Hello New York City,
Happy April Fool’s Day! Apparently texting your in-laws and saying your 39 week pregnant wife is in labor right now at the hospital is NOT as funny as one would think, as their boss was called and bags were packed; sorry Mom and Dad! I hope you guys have a better luck with your pranks today.

This week we have some new, sexy and epic events to lure you out of the house and into this warmer weather. This Saturday is the premiere of the new weekly extravaganza, The Midnight Cabaret presented by Drom, Jenny Rocha, and Jen Gapay of Thirsty Girl Productions . This sexy soiree features an alluring line up filled with dancing ladies, circus spectacles, live music, DJ after-party and hosted by one of my favorite nightlife personalities Mr. “SHOW BIZ” Murray Hill! Get your $15 advance tickets HERE!

The Midnight Cabaret cast!
Midnight talents

The people at Kostume Kult are back with “Horned Ball 2015Enter the Funderdome”. The Horned Ball was envisioned as Kostume Kult’s premier Burning Man camp fundraiser. A unique Spring Bacchanalia and annual Art Project in early April – the animals are out of hibernation and ready to rut… And DANCE! Partially inspired by Fire Sign, Aries, April timing, this was to be a fiery, frisky, horny affair every year. With multi-layered themes, and a fantastical orientation, this has grown as a freaky-geeky ode to Spring and the kickoff of Kostume Kult’s Burning Man planning season. Kostume Kult’s parties are always a blast and sell fast, so get your tickets now before it’s too late to join the Kult!


This weekend at Brooklyn Night Bazaar, T Presents is bringing you TWO album release parties from Reptar’s “Lurid Glow” on Friday and the highly anticipated new album from our friends TRAGEDY – A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond on Saturday!! Check out their videos below and save the date for this amazing showcase that is guaranteed to fun for the whole family, and FREE!!

Tragedy UR the one that I want

More free parties this week are Fixed NYC with JDH & Dave P at their favorite late night spot, Le Bain, the weekly Shaken & Stirred Burlesque dance party featuring Boo Boo Darlin’, monthly Rebel Night speakeasy, and Downtown Top Ranking. Check out all the details below on this newsletter.

Twig the Wonderkid‘s Glamdammit party this Saturday is presenting “The Wild Ones” – Tribute to The Runaways along with performances from The Black Angels and Pale Moon Gang plus a PBR open bar from 11Pm – midnight. SHAW Promotion has limited guest list spots available for Glamdammit to accompany your FREE PBR. RSVP here!

Thank you for reading, enjoy the Spring like weather this week and GO OUT!

Andy Shaw and the Shaw Promotion team.

Buzzcocks 4.16.15
Check your weather
NYC weather 4.1-5.2015


SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 3.25 ~ 4.5, 2015

“Tragedy – A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees CD Release Party, Glamdammit Wild Ones, Shaken & Stirred, BK Bazaar, Rebel Night and MORE”

SHAW header

Greetings New York City,
Happy Spring! I would like to give a massive THANK YOU for all the people who came out to our Bootie NYC mashup party last Friday and made it such a fun party, despite the snow. A big shout out to Live Nation, Gramercy Theatre, The Boy Band Project, The Midnight Midnight Mischief, Alejandro, Dani Dubois, Coach Mike (check out Coach Mike’s Bootie NYC photos HERE!) Bootie NYC resident DJ Lobsterdust, and of course our international Bootie Mashup DJ’s, creators, and partners – A plus D. Stay tuned for our more information on our next Bootie NYC party and thank you for your continued support!

Bootie NYC at Gramercy Theatre
Bootie NYC at Gramercy

Jumping in to tonight’s events, get dangerous with your weekly free sexy “Shaken & Stirred” Burlesque Dance Party with the one and only Dangrrr Doll who is going to risk it all on the stage for your pleasure! Other performers include Dottie Dynamo, Bunny Buxom, and Ginger Twist.  I just love this photo below showcasing the many faces of the girl that is Dangrrr Doll!

See Dangrrr Doll at Shaken & Stirred Burlesque Dance Party tonight!
Dangrrr Doll

Ipsum Magazine is your presenter of Brooklyn Night Bazaar this weekend. Featuring Teen Suicide, Amanda X, Liv Up, Crying Flagland and Washer on Friday and Honeyblood, Cassie Ramone, Mannequin Pussy, Aye Nako, Fat Creeps and on Saturday.

Bazaar 3.27-28.2015

Coming up for next weekend, Brooklyn Night Bazaar is kicking into high gear with TWO CD release parties, both from T Presents. Friday April 3 is the Reptar’s “Lurid Glow” release party along with supporters Sun Club Breath and on Saturday is the very highly anticipated of record release party from our friends TRAGEDY – A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond!! Check out their videos below and save the date for this amazing showcase that is guaranteed to fun for the whole family!!

Tragedy UR the one that I want
Tragedy Raining blood
All new CD & download available NOW!
Tragedy - deathtofalsediscometa

The first Saturday of each month is the monthly “Glamdammit” party presented by Twig the Wonderkid. This April’s “Glamdammit” edition is the “The Wild Ones” – Tribute to The Runaways along with The Black Angels and Pale Moon Gang. There is also a PBR open bar from 11Pm – midnight and we have your exclusive SHAW guest list, so RSVP now! Space is limited and on first come basis!

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For details of all events, check out the rest of this newsletter and be sure to check the upcoming event section at the bottom of this email or the SHAW calendar!

The photo in the header was taken at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens, one of my favorite NYC parks with new sculptures on constant rotation. If you haven’t been there yet, it is definitely a place to check out with a breathtaking view of Roosevelt Island and Manhattan in the background. I will leave you with a photo of my Boston Terrier crew taken at the Socrates Sculpture Park. Thank you for reading, enjoy your Spring in New York and please check back soon!

Elvis and Thea

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weather 3.25-31

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter + Bootie NYC! 3.18 ~ 3.21, 2015

“Bootie NYC Mashup Party at Gramercy Theatre, Shaken & Stirred Burlesque, BK Night Bazaar, The Church Grand Opening, Fixed+Aeroplane and MORE”

Hey New York City,

Happy Hump Day, I hope you are all recovering from your Irish festivities yesterday. I didn’t have the chance to go all out because I was busy making Queen Majesty Hot Sauce all night, but I did bring along some Guinness to get me through the night (although I never really need an excuse to drink my favorite beer).  Although I’m 100% Taiwanese, my son (who is due to arrive in 3 weeks!) is 25% Irish, so I can now say that I’m part of the Irish family.

Before I get into anything else, I need to tell you ALL ABOUT BOOTIE NYC MASHUP PARTY this Friday, March 20th.  It’s been 9 month since we had the last Bootie NYC party at the Northside Festival and it’s been too long.  This time we are teaming up with Live Nation to bring you the highly anticipated Bootie NYC at Gramercy Theatre and the $15 advance tickets are going f-f-f-FAST so get yours now HERE before they are gone.   Bootie Mashup is a global brand with parties all over the world (kind of like Fight Club) and Shaw Promotion is their brand ambassador and producer of the NYC chapter.  Let’s show our Bootie Mashup DJs and creators A PLUS D how we do it in New York City.  We have FREE Bootie Mashup CDs for the first 100 people through the door plus sideshow circus act and live mashup performances throughout the night.  I’m hosting all night long, so come say HI!!

FREE Bootie top 10 download HERE!
BootieTop10Bootie NYC banner

If you were like me and didn’t have time to get the party out of your system, fear not as I have a lot of fun events for you to attend this week.  If you enjoy a little naughty but nice burlesque, Wednesday’s Shaken & Stirred” Burlesque dance party featuring Clara Coquette at The Delancey. The show is hot and FREE which also features other beautiful girls and FREE shots!!

Clara Coquette
Clara Coquette

If you’re looking for something a little heavier, you can head over to the grand opening of “The Church” – a new hard rock/heavy metal party at Pinks NYC. A new party at a new bar featuring our favorite nightlife face, Samuel Valentine + Avi Miller. this party is  FREE and provides cheap booze and a damn good time.

Avi Miller & Samuel Valentine
Church DJs

Thursday, Queen Majesty steps out of the kitchen and away from making her famous hot sauce to bring you night of Downtown Top Ranking reggae beats with the Deadly Dragon crew at The Delancey, or you can go check out my favorite all girl NYC motorcycle gang , The Miss-Fires , over at Mercury Lounge where they are presenting a Night of Bikes, Bands, and Babes.  Two really good options if you ask me.

Miss Fires 3.19.banner

If live music is how you want to spend your weekend, go check out our favorite Brooklyn Night Bazaar over in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Defalco is presenting this weekend with tons of bands including The Ambassador, Karikatura, and King Holiday on Friday and Denitia and Sene with The Funk Ark on Saturday. Live music, local artists, local food, booze, and games will keep you busy for hours at this one stop shop.

Be sure to check out the rest of the events our calendar holds such as PopGun presents Fixed and tons from the Ecstatic Music Festival, including Terry Riley’s 80th birthday concert and much more.

Thanks for reading and happy Spring. We made it through the Winter NYC!!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team

NYC weatehr 3.18-22.2015

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 3.11 ~ 3.14, 2015

“Fixed + Simian Mobile Disco + Tensnake, Craft Spells BK Bazaar, Gotham Girls Season Opening, Pilfers Record Release, Famous Musicians Showcase and MORE”

SHAW 3.11-14.2015

Hello New York City,
I hope you are reading this newsletter on your mobile device outside, because it’s finally beautiful weather; Spring is in the air!  And with that note, I’d like to share some upcoming events with you to get your body movin’ and groovin’ and ready for the upcoming season.

This week, our friends JDH and Dave P are rocking a double header with Simian Mobile Disco and Roman Flügel at Output on Thursday and Tensnake at Good Room on Saturday. The SHAW crew had the pleasure of hanging with Simian Mobile Disco and Fixed all week on the SS Coachella cruise few years back and on top of being great musicians and DJs, they are all really awesome people too. Definitely worth checking out these parties if you’re looking for a good time.

The Gotham Girls Roller Derby Season is back for their 11th season this Saturday with their 2015 season opener. As defending champions, Manhattan Mayhem look to continue their success against the Brooklyn Bombshells. We have been working with the Gotham Girls since 2008 and we know better to tell you that these bout tickets always sell out  because who doesn’t love watching a bunch of touch chicks push each other around? Get your tickets NOW and let’s welcome the return of our amazing NYC Gotham Girls!

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar this weekend is presented by Sean Stadium BKPopGun, and T Presents who are bringing you quality and FREE live performances from Ex Cops, My Midnight Heart, Heat & Heaven on Friday and Craft Spells, The Bilinda Butchers, Foxes in Fiction & Heavenly Beat on Saturday. Check out Craft Spells video below!

Craft Spells video

Lastly, for those of you who love the band Pilfers, the legends of the 90’s NYC SKA, they are back with a brand new record and release party this Saturday at The Wick. I have not see Pilfers since my old band Metro Stylee played our reunion show with them and boy am I stoked to have the chance to see them perform. I have also been meaning to check out The Wick, so this will be a solid night of great music and old friends. Hope to see some of you there!

Pilfers – Elevation!

For more event info on this weeks Shaken & Stirred Burlesque Dance Party with Jonny Porkpie, Famous Musicians of The Beast of Bourbon and more, please check out the rest of this newsletter or on our SHAW calendar.

Before I go, a reminder that SHAW Promotion presents Bootie NYC mashup party is only 9 days away! Friday, March 20, the Gramercy Theatre will be shaken up by our mashup DJs from San Fransisco, so save the date and get your advance tickets NOW!!

A PLUS D - Bootie NYC Friday 3.20 at Gramercy Theatre!
Bootie NYC 3.20.15 banner

Thank you for reading, enjoy the sunny day and have a great week!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weather 3.11-15.2015

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 3.4 ~ 3.7, 2015

“ArtBattles, Glamdammit, The World/Inferno Friendship Society + Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution BK Bazaar, Ricky Powell Art show with Queen Majesty, Sizzle Dizzle Shaken & Stirred and MORE”

Shaw 3.4-7.2014

Miss Fires 3.19.banner

Hey New York City!
Unlike Hilary Clinton, the SHAW Promotion newsletters and emails are always coming from an official SHAW e-mail. Thank you for visiting us today, it’s icy and nasty out there, be sure to walk like a penguin and be safe!

walk on ice

I’m feeling sophisticated this week with 2 art events on Thursday, and it is timed perfectly for you to attend both.  “If You Ask Me… It’s About The Soul” group exhibition is curated by Ricky Powell at Sacred Gallery. This opening reception is from 8PM – 11PM with music from Queen Majesty (Deadly Dragon Sound) and DJ Mihoko, RSVP at When the Ricky Powell show is over at 11PM and you feel so inspired, head over to Le Poisson Rouge for the NYC ArtBattles. Featuring Pesu, Zito, Demostina, and Andre Trenier, the original live art competition is back with their new installment in a series of events. March will bring, if history is any indicator, a vibrant sell-out show bringing to life the creative process in front of a live audience. This will be the first of six events culminating with the coronation of the King or Queen of NYC ArtBattles. Yay for ART and culture (and of course there will be booze)!

ArtBattles video
Now I would like to bring you back to the magical time of the mid 90’s, the first time I saw The World / Inferno Friendship Society at the old Knitting Factory. The super cool and wacky visuals of the band members were an immediate draw and the charismatic antics and charm of the singer Jack Terricloth was memorizing to watch. The audience was a perfect mixed between punks, skins, mods, rockers, and goths all dancing in perfect harmony. I haven’t seen The World / Inferno Friendship Society in over 10 years and of course we can leave it to Scenic Presents and Bro0klyn Night Bazaar to bring them back for a FREE show this Saturday, along with Runny, Joey Steel and the Attitude Adjusters, and Penguin!! This show is NOT to be missed, unless you have to attend your own baby shower like myself.  To match their amazing line up, T Presents is bringing Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution & Stumblebum Brass Band for an unforgettable weekend at everyone favorite Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

The World / Inferno Friendship Society
The World Inferno Friendship Society

Twig the Wonderkid‘s “Glamdammit” party this weekend is hosting a birthday celebration for everyone’s favorite Brat KEITH WEST, along with live performances and a cavalcade of stars. The Brats was one of the biggest New York bands in the seventies and playing shows with The Ramones, The New York Dolls, The Heartbreakers, Blondie, and Kiss. The Nuclears and The Bowery Boys will open the show up along with PABST BLUE RIBBON OPEN BAR from 10PM – 11PM to get you started. RSVP HERE for your exclusive SHAW Promotion guest list, spots are limited and on a first come basis!

Glamdammit logo

The last time SHAW Promotion presented our Bootie NYC mashup dance party, it was at the Northside Festival back in June of 2014. Can you believe it’s almost been a year?!?! We are super excited to bring our friends, and Bootie Mashup creators A+D, back in town from S.F for another edition of Bootie NYC on Friday, March 20 at Gramercy Theatre. Get your advance tickets now and skip the line, you don’t want to miss this insane dance party.

A PLUS D - Bootie NYC Friday 3.20 at Gramercy Theatre!Bootie NYC 3.20.15 newsletterA+D

Your weekly free Shaken & Stirred Burlesque Dance Party tonight is featuring the sizzling burlesque beauty of Sizzle Dizzle, along with Bella Vita, Scarlett Lace, and Lux LaCroix. I can not think of a better options on a Wednesday night other than the Shaken & Stirred Burlesque. Come see it for yourself!

Sizzle Dizzle
Sizzle DizzleFREE show & FREE SHOTS – Shaken & Stirred!

The other 3 events we have for you this week are Downtown Top-Skanking, Vegan Shop-Up (featuring Queen Majesty Hot Sauce!), and .357 Lover’s Special Saturday Night Special Show, all F-R-E-E!! Please read the rest of this newsletter for details or visit the SHAW calendar. Thank you for your continues support of SHAW and help making New York bring a fun city!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weatehr 3.4-8.15