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SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 2.25 ~ 3.1, 2015

“Afrika Bambaataa, Have Mercy + Wolf Alice BK Bazaar, Bikini Carwash, Rock N Roll Girlie Show, Gotham Girls Derbytaunt Ball, Rebel Night, Shaken & Stirred Burlesque and MORE”

SHAW 2.25-3.1.2015

Hey New York City,
I hope you all enjoyed the brief heat wave we had on Sunday, a whopping 40 degree weather melting all that dirty snow. Well we are now right back at being freezing with even more ice now, even the East River is frozen over. March is around the corner and soon it will be Spring, what a wonderful thought while I try not to lose my sanity.

I would like to kick off the newsletter with a shout out to my beloved Gotham Girls Roller Derby who are back for their 11th season. The first bout of the 2015 season Brooklyn Bombshells vs. Manhattan Mayhem is on Saturday, March 14 at John Jay College. Get your tickets now as I am sure this will be sold out.  Join the Gotham Girls Roller Derby this Saturday as they officially debut the league’s newest skaters at the annual Derbytaunt Ball at The Paper Box!

GGRD 2015 season

This Thursday, Afrika Bambaataa, the “Godfather” of Hip Hop Culture as well as The Father of The Electro Funk Sound, is having a special DJ set at Le Poisson Rouge. Afrika Bambaataa is one of the three main originators of break-beat deejaying. Through his co-opting of the street gang the Black Spades into the music and culture-oriented Zulu Nation, he is responsible for spreading rap and hip-hop culture throughout the world. He has consistently made records nationally and internationally, every one to two years, spanning the 1980′s into the next Millennium 2000. Get your $15 advance tickets HERE!

Afrika Bambaataa
Afrika Bambaataa video

For the live music this week, my band Bikini Carwash, is performing at Union Hall Brooklyn with .357 Lover and Mesiko.  Bikini Carwash is going on at 9PM and this is where I will be all night on Friday, come hang out  for some good old rock and roll!
Bikini Carwash video

Our good friends at Lacey Allure’s Rock N Roll Girlie Show are hosting another great show case at the soon to be gone Trash Bar. Featuring live performances from PussywolfBlackout Stereo, Sweet Cadavers, and of course the house band The Purslaines. As per all Lacey Allure show tradition, the Go Go’s this Saturday are Gemini Bltz, Marinara Stardust and Mia Julep (Girlie show debut!)

Lacey dancers

This week, Brooklyn Night Bazaar is presented by Ipsum Magazine with Have Mercy, Banquets, Republic of Wolves, Soda Bomb and Heeney on Friday and T Presents Wolf Alice, Sunflower Bean, Lazyeyes & Palehound on Saturday. Always FREE, always fun!

Another friendly reminder, the SHAW Promotion “Bootie NYC Mashup” insane dance party is coming to Gramercy Theatre on Friday March 20th. This will most likely be the last party I will be hosting for a while since I am expecting a baby boy SHAW in early April. I heard that parenthood can get pretty busy and hectic, so I hope to see you guys to help me celebrate at our next Bootie NYC party; a great excuse to warm up your body and shake off those winter blues.  Get your advance ticket HERE

Click the banner for free download of Bootie Mashup February TOP 10!
Bootie NYC 3.20.15 newsletter

Please check out the rest of this newsletter for info about the Ecstatic Music Festival and all other events we have this week and upcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading and stay warm New York!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW PROMOTION team.

NYC weather 2.15-3.1.2015

Gotham Girls Roller Derby 2015 Season Schedule!!

is back for their 11th season!

GGRD 2015 season

Gotham Girls Roller Derby (established 2004) is New York City’s only all-female roller derby league, comprised of rough-and-tumble women from the world’s biggest, baddest city. These rabble-rousers have honed their skills on the mean streets of the concrete jungle, and they’re ready to unleash their ferocious appetite for kickin’ ass on wheels.

Five-time WFTDA World Champions in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Join the Gotham Girls’ insider list at to ensure you’re in the loop on season announcements and other off-track events.

GGRD Banner
GGRD logo


SHAW PROMOTION 2.18 ~ 2.22, 2015

“JD Samson (Le Tigre) & Quilt BK Bazaar, Fixed in Panther Room, Coney Island Sunday Family Sideshow, Rebel Night, The Cure Tribute, Shaken & Stirred and MORE!”

SHAW 2.18-22.2015

Hello New York City,
I would like to begin by giving a shout out to my peeps and say “HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR“, the year of the GOAT!  I can’t wait to head over to my mom’s for a feast on Thursday, she never cooks less than 5 dishes.

Year of the GOAT

Moving on to events we have going on this week, we have some real cool, FREE parties and shows. Let’s start with the ever amazing Brooklyn Night Bazaar who is presenting JD Samson, Born Cages, Royal Tongues and Shirley House on Friday and QuiltMonograms and King Cyst on Saturday. JD Samson, of course you know is from Le Tigre and which means this should be one fun show!

JD Samson video

If you’re itching to get out of your house tonight and fight the cold, we have your FREE weekly sexy burlesque dance party, “Shaken & Stirred”, which features  Bunny Buxom, Bella Vita, Betsy Propane, Varla Velour, and Fem Appeal at The Delancey. On Thursday (Lunar New Year!), our friends from Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones will be in NYC from their “Luck Maker” Winter Tour at Route 66 Smokehouse.  Lara Hope is a riot on stage with a beautiful voice and a great sense of humor; my band, Bikini Carwash, had the pleasure of playing a couple of shows with them in the past.  Check out their video below!

Lara Hope video

Rebel Night NYC  is also having their monthly FREE Record Hop party featuring DJ Rex from WFMU at The Grand Victory. If you like 50’s and 60’s rockabilly, rock ‘n roll, blues, r’n’b, soul this is the party for you!

A practically free party on Thursday, “A Night Like This” – A Night In Tribute to The Cure at The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge, is DJ Ceremony‘s hot bi-monthly tribute party to alternative rock legends, The Cure! Dance, Shiver and Shake to an all-night array of Cure hits, rarities, and deep cuts, accented by the best in dark ’80s alternative, goth, and UK postpunk sounds. Twigg Von Wünderkind is the guest DJ, the party is free from 10PM-11PM and only $5 after. #LiveAtLPR

For all other events this week, there is  Fixed NYC, Ecstatic Music Festival, Coney Island Sunday Family Sideshow with Alejandro Dubois and more.  For all details this week and the featured upcoming events, check out the rest of this newsletter or the SHAW Calendar.

Before I go, just a reminder that our BOOTIE NYC mashup party is on Friday, March 20th at Gramercy Theatre;  advance tickets are on sale NOW! Check out Bootie Mashup Top 10 February 2015 Edition with free downloads!

Click the banner for free download
Bootie NYC 3.20.15 newsletter

Thank you for reading, stay warm New York!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weather 2.18-22.2015

Glamdammit 3.7.15

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter 2.11 ~ 2.17, 2015 (RSVP!)

“Valentine’s Day Parties: Unloveable, Kostume Kult, Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque, BK Bazaar + Kill City, Sally Cant Dance, Bikini Carwash, The Salon Fat Tuesday & MORE!”

SHAW 2.11 - 2.17
Bootie NYC 3.20.15 newsletter

Hey New York City,
Happy Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day, and Washington’s birthday, which means extra long weekend to par-tay!

I am personally not all that into Valentine’s Day; I don’t care for the ridiculous spike in prices for flowers and special dinner packages, but I am aware that it’s wise to have a plan if you have a special someone, especially when Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year (and they are 8 months pregnant with your child *cough*). For you, we have four awesome V-Day parties  for you and a special tickets giveaway for Thirsty Girl Productions‘ “Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque Valentine’s Spectacular” at Le Poisson Rouge!! RSVP here with the subject line “SHAW me the Filthy Gorgeous Tickets” in the event section and write us a quick note on why we should give you a pair of tickets. Hint: We love a good laugh and a funny story. If you don’t care much for giveaways, you can get your tickets HERE!

Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque Valentine’s Spectacular
Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque back

We also have:

Unloveable: A Smiths & Morrissey Valentine’s Day w. The Sons & Heirs
Kostume Kult’s Baaaaad Valentine Day Party at Union Square Ballroom
MailChimp Presents Valentine’s Weekend at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (Fri & Sat, FREE)

For my wife, JD, I got her an early gift of a prenatal massage and dinner tonight followed by tickets to Adios ballet at BAM Fischer.  Ladies sure do appreciate dance and it was something different than the usual nightlife for my gal who isn’t into partying at 32 weeks pregnant.

Our dear friend, Jess Marquis, is teaming up with DJ Andie Cassette to present KILL CITY this Friday at The Studio at Webster Hall. With Jess Marquis’ team of top notch hosts featuring One-half Nelson, Erickatoure Aviance, Lydia Vengeance, Kiss, Bible Girl & Akynos with a tag line saying: “No one gets out alive in Kill City!”and it comes complete with it’s own video/DJ set to get people pumped:

kill city video still

The monthly NYC Rock n Roll affair “Sally Can’t Dance” is back this Sunday with the Tribute to NY Dolls & The Heartbreakers. There will also be OPEN BARS at 11:30PM – 12AM and again at 2:30AM – 3AM, plus countless hosts, performances and DJ Jonathan Toubin of the New York Night Train. This party is $10 or $5 with a flyer. But we will do you one better with your exclusive SHAW RSVP guest list for your free entry! The spots are limited and first come basis, RSVP HERE!

After taking a six week Winter break, Bikini Carwash is back this Friday for their first show of 2015 at Pianos at 9PM. This show is a part of the “New Legends Concert Series” presented by TurnStyle Music Group and your attendance is important and much appreciated. Support your local bands and check out Bikini Carwash this Friday and make their first showcase with TurnStyle Music a success! Click HERE for show details and HERE for tickets. Check out Bikini Carwash promo video below!

Bikini Carwash video by HK Multimedia Productions
Bikini Carwash video

For all our other events: THE SALON 3rd Annual Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Shaken & Stirred Burlesque Dance Party, Ecstatic Music Festival and more, check out the event listings below or on the SHAW Calendar. As always, know your weather and plan accordingly and thank you for reading!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC weather 2.11-17.2015


Saturday 2.28

Pilfers 3.14.15

Bootie Mashup Top 10 – February 2015

BootieTop10_logoBootie Mashup Top 10
February 2015 Edition!

Best of Bootie 02.2015

From the BOOTIE MASHUP creators & DJs:

Oh, Bootie Top 10, it has been WAY too long. Several things contributed to this, actually. Frankly, there simply wasn’t a lot of stellar mashup material that we felt particular strong about. So instead, we focused on our Halloween and Christmas mixtapes, and of course, the annual Best of Bootie 2014 album. But right after the New Year, we discovered a bunch of great stuff, including quite a few older tracks that had fallen through the cracks or that had grew on us. We whittled it down to these ten, but there’s always more on the way.

CLICK HERE to download this month’s Top 10 in one convenient ZIP file.
Or right-click each track name to download individually

Chambaland – Fancy (Iggy Azalea vs. Reba McEntire) – New York City

Chambaland — Just Don’t Care (Depeche Mode vs. Icona Pop) – New York City

Daw-Gun – All About That Groove (Meghan Trainor vs. Deee-Lite) – New York City

DRA’man – Hot Rock ’n’ Roll (Joan Jett vs. Hollywood Undead) – France

DRA’man – Seven Nation Funk (Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars vs. White Stripes) – France

DJ Firth & DJ Dumpz — Young Complicated Blank Space (Taylor Swift vs. Fun. vs. Avril Lavigne) – Scotland / Austria

HighCue — Stay Back Down (Sam Smith vs. Tom Petty)

Kill_mR_DJ — Numb Habits (Tove Lo vs. Linkin Park) – Cyprus

DJ Tripp ft. Rhythm Scholar – Hold It Now, Hit It! (Dirty Remix) (Beastie Boys vs. Jason Derulo) – San Francisco / Chicago

DJ Y alias JY — Fever In C (Madonna vs. Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz) – Germany / France

Be sure to check out

Shaw Promotion & Bootie Mashup
at The Gramercy Theatre
Friday, March 20, 2015
Bootie NYC 3.20.15


SHAW PROMOTOION Newsletter 2.4 ~ 2.7, 2015

Glamdammit, Lucille ti Amore at Shaken & Stirred, Fixed NYC at Le Bain, BK Night Bazaar + upcoming Valentine’s Day Parties!”

SHAW header

Bootie NYC 3.20 web banner
Hey NYC,
As our City is currently covered in ice for the 2nd week straight, it is the time when our West Coast friends are so cruelly reminding us of how warm and sunny it is out on the beach. It’s an important time to remind ourselves that this is the worst part of living here and it is all worth it; NYC is still the best and most fun cities there is. Hang in there my friends, better days are coming!

Speaking of looking ahead, I would like to remind you that Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, more time to par-tay, so check out our V-Day events below so you can plan ahead!

- Unloveable: A Smiths & Morrissey Valentine’s Day w. The Sons & Heirs
Kostume Kult’s Baaaaad Valentine Day Party at Union Square Ballroom
MailChimp Presents Valentine’s Weekend at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (Free)
Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque Valentine’s Spectacular at Le Poisson Rouge

Valentines Day 2015

This week, the FREE weekly Shaken & Stirred Burlesque Dance Party is featuring Lucille ti Amore at The Delancey, Defalco is your presenter for Brooklyn Night Bazaar with Too Many Zoos and Chop and Quench “The Flea! Band”. Glamdammit is back with another edition of high power Rock ‘n Roll party (RSVP for your guest list!) and JDH and Dave P of  Fixed NYC is at their favorite venue, Le Bain. As usual, you can see all the details and upcoming events in this newsletter or check out our SHAW Calendar!

I have to make this short and sweet this week as I am about to run to the Apple store to pick up my new laptop. I have been using the same Macbook for 8 years and it is time for a sweet upgrade. Thank you for reading the SHAW newsletter this week, stay warm New York!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team.

NYC 2.4-8.2015