DJ Jess Marquis’ Remix “Burn” by Ellie Goulding is Brazen and Romantic


Our favorite nightlife DJ, Mr. Jess Marquis, just sent us over remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” and it is brazen and romantic. Couldn’t wait to share it with you!

 Also be sure to check out his original track “Grand Vandal”.  Soaring piano battling dirty bass.

SHAW Newsletter & Ticket Giveaways 10.17 – 10.19, 2013

“Tix giveaways to AM Only CMJ + Vitalic live, BASSment with South Central, Trash!, Betty Black, Citrus & The City & Taiwan Music CMJ”

Hey NYC,

We’re back from our honeymoon! Two weeks in Bali on vacation is definitely not enough.  JaiDee is having some serious post honeymoon depression not being on the beach anymore, but the weather feels great here and I was super surprised when we came back that it wasn’t freezing — the most we could hope for! Not only was it our honeymoon, but while we were away I also had a milestone birthday and SHAW Promotion turned 10! I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of our readers, clients, and supporters throughout the past years, it’s truly hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’ve been running this company for a decade. I am extremely grateful for all I have learned, the people I have met, and the experiences I have been so fortunate to have because of SHAW Promotion.  Okay, okay, enough with the mush, let’s move on to the fun stuff this week; it is CMJ after all!

I’m going to kick off the news article from the Village Voice reporting on the Bowie Ball event last week.  We weren’t able to attend because we were away, however it looks like it was a blast and got raving reviews.  Can wait till the next one! Check out the article HERE.  And you can also check out photos from last week’s Zombie Crawl from Gothamist HERE!

This week we have tons live music with our first mention of Betty Black, playing a CMJ showcase with the french duo, Telepopmusik, at Cameo Gallery.  Betty Black once had another band called Kudu, which was amazing.  Betty Black has been touring the world this past year with TelePop and will continue their epic journey onwards to Russian, France, and Asia this month.  Their 2nd EP comes out October 23, which you should obviously download. Check out the show info: Betty Black Live with Telepopmusik & Dream Koala at Cameo Gallery (CMJ).

Another CMJ mention is the Citrus & The City CMJ Music Marathon with Room Full of Strangers at the Paper Box in Brooklyn on Thursday.  My band, Bikini Carwash, had the pleasure of playing CMJ with them last year and they are FUN! If your looking for a unique show, I highly recommend you check them out as they will not disappoint. We also have the CMJ 2013 Taiwan Music Night at Webster Hall on Friday.  If you know me, you know I am a huge supporter of bringing light on my heritage and it’s great to see so many other people who love Taiwan as well.  There are so many great bands that come from the small country; it’s really special to have this part of CMJ. Stick around after the show for an awesome Girls & Boys presents Vitalic live upstairs in the main room and  TRASH! with Jess Marquis, Kirstin Li, Princess Agrios Skyla, & Matty Glitterati at The Studio downstairs.

On Saturday at Webster Hall is brite nites presents AM Only CMJ Showcase featuring Pendulum DJ Set & more upstairs and BASSment Saturdays presents South Central & Subset downstairs in the Studio.

This week’s “SHAW Me The Tickets” giveaway contest is for Friday night at Girls & Boys featuring Vitalic and also Saturday nights brite nites at Webster Hall, both which are VIP (which means you get to hang out upstairs!).  21+ only please.

Another note worthy event this week, which is not a SHAW Promotion event, is the 12th Annual Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards.  We are SO thrilled to be invited to attend again this year, especially because it’s hosted by Chelsea Handler with a performance by Ciara.  Although we are not nominated this year (we had 2 straight years of winning “Best Promoter”), a lot of our clients are and we are hoping for a big win for Bang On! as promoter of the year.  Good luck guys!

Next week gear up for Halloween weekend as we have our BOOootie NYC party at Le Poisson Rouge, our dear friend JDH of Fixed NYC’s birthday throwdown plus many more.  Be sure to check out the “featured upcoming section” at the bottom of this newsletter.

Signing off for this week, have a great CMJ!

Andy Shaw and the SHAW Promotion team

SHAW PROMOTION parties this week 

Thursday, October 17
Citrus & The City CMJ Music Marathon w Room Full of Strangers and MORE at The Paperbox
Friday, October 18
Girls & Boys presents Vitalic live + Alex English & rekLES
CMJ 2013 Taiwan Music Night at Webster Hall
TRASH! with Jess Marquis, Kirstin Li, Princess Agrios Skyla, & Matty Glitterati at The Studio
Saturday, October 19
brite nites presents AM Only CMJ Showcase featuring Pendulum DJ Set & more at Webster Hall
BASSment Saturdays presents South Central & Subset at The Studio
Betty Black Live with Telepopmusik & Dream Koala at Cameo Gallery (CMJ)

SHAW PROMOTION Newsletter & Tix Giveaways 9.25 – 10.1, 2013

1st Annual Motorcycle Film Festival, NY Burlesque Festival, Freedom Party, StageOne presents, Alvik Risk, Quintino.. +

Hey NYC Lovers!

JaiDee here bringing you all the best New York City Fall has to offer you.  This week we have so much happening (but really, that line is a cop out because we ALWAYS have a ton for you to do), but this week it’s true!  As you know, Fall brings out so much back to school-ness fun, whether you in school or not.  The whole season is about leaving the free Summer – lovin’ behind and getting into some cultural coziness which includes the 2nd wave of festival season – serious, indie fun.

We kick start this week with the beginning of the 1st Annual – that is the FIRST!!! – Motorcycle Film Festival.  Andy Shaw is actually has a short film premiering in it about him and his Triumph riding with the appropriate title.. “I Ride a Triumph” which will be showing on Saturday, September 28 at 12PM so that alone should be a key reason why you should go.  But seriously, if you love motorcycles, you might want to ride this road.  Check out the full schedule HERE!

Andy Shaw’s “I Ride a Triumph” by Sweet Production Media

Secondly on our cultural journey, we have the ultra sexy 11th Annual (!!!) NY Burlesque Festival presented by Thirsty Girl & Pontani Productions.  Thursday – Sunday there is dancing, there is sexing, there is drinking, and there is award giving.  If you don’t like beautiful women of New York City, you should probably read on, this event is clearly not for you. If this is an event that makes you go “Yep, I want in!”, check out listing which has all four days of events and activities that could involve you. And your welcome *cough* boobs *cough*.

If your still not convinced and you want to get into some serious dancing, “Girls & Boys” has Alvin Risk, The M Machine, David Heartbreak & Filthy Gorgeous PLUS brite nites presents Quintino at Webster Hall (hint #1: we are giving away a pair of tickets to this with our contest “SHAW Me the Tickets“) while our favorite Trash! party wth Cherry La Voix, Birdy happens downstairs in The Studio with Jess Marquis & Anna Kickarse.  It’s scandalicious for sure and the two parties combined make for a very fun Friday night.  If hip hop is more your style, and we are talking about that cool 90s style, then make your way over to The Freedom Party at Le Poisson Rouge with your flat tops and scrunchies because these guys are bringing you the best for that era.  Best dressed gets $99 and free bottle service all night!!

Saturday brings our dear friends, Fixed and Verboten, joined together at the hips with their ultra awesome StageOne party presenting Four Tet, James Holden, and George Fitzgerald on the Williamsburg Water Front at N. 11th and Kent Ave.  They are bring bootie shakin’ dark beats all day and night long from 6PM – 4AM, so you really have no excuse to come and experience the last of the beautiful weather on the East River with amazing DJs.  If the indoor club scene is more of what you are hoping we’d tell you about, “brite nights” featuring Quintino is on the main floor (hint #2: we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this with “SHAW Me The Tickets”!) at Webster Hall tag teaming with BASSment Saturdays downstairs in The Studio with Document One, Infuze, and their resident DJ, Subset.

We are ending our week on a creative note with one of our favorite musician and personality’s event, “Danielle and Corn Mo’s Sunday Night Musical Variety Show” at Rockwood Music Hall.  If you don’t know Corn Mo, then you are missing out.  He is the front man of this outstanding band called .357 Lover and is a beautiful mixture of Queen dabbled in a circus side show performance — extremely entertaining and talented!

**** Be sure to check out all the Featured Upcoming events we have at the bottom of the newsletter ****

Much love and peace,
JaiDee Valentine and the SHAW Promotion crew

SHAW PROMOTION parties this week 

Wednesday, September 25
The First Annual Motorcycle Film Festival!!!
Raging Squid Ink & Eric Schmalenberger present “The Dead Dream Machine” at La Luz
Thursday, September 26
Thirsty Girl & Pontani Productions presents The 11th Annual NY Burlesque Festival
The First Annual Motorcycle Film Festival!!!
Raging Squid Ink & Eric Schmalenberger present “The Dead Dream Machine” at La Luz
Friday, September 27
Thirsty Girl & Pontani Productions presents The 11th Annual NY Burlesque Festival
Girls & Boys presents Alvin Risk, The M Machine, David Heartbreak & Filthy Gorgeous at Webster Hall
The Freedom Party – 90′s Jam w. DJ Herbert Holler, DJ Cosi & DJ Marc Smooth at Le Poisson Rouge
Trash! w Cherie Lily live, Cherry La Voix, Birdy, Jess Marquis, Anna Kickarse + MORE at The Studio
The First Annual Motorcycle Film Festival!!!
Raging Squid Ink & Eric Schmalenberger present “The Dead Dream Machine” at La Luz
Saturday, September 28
Thirsty Girl & Pontani Productions presents The 11th Annual NY Burlesque Festival
FIXED and Verboten StageOne presents Four Tet, James Holden, Geroge Fitzgerald
brite nites presents Quintino at Webster Hall
BASSment Saturdays presents DOCUMENT ONE, INFUZE + SUBSET
The First Annual Motorcycle Film Festival!!!
Raging Squid Ink & Eric Schmalenberger present “The Dead Dream Machine” at La Luz
Sunday, September 29
Thirsty Girl & Pontani Productions presents The 11th Annual NY Burlesque Festival
Danielle and Corn Mo’s Sunday Night Musical Variety Show at Rockwood Music Hall
Raging Squid Ink & Eric Schmalenberger present “The Dead Dream Machine” at La Luz
Tuesday, October 1
Streetlight Manifesto “The End of the Beginning” Tour at Irving Plaza

“SHAW Me the Tickets” Giveaway – NYC Zombie Crawl presents “NY Mets Day”

“SHAW Me the Tickets” is giving away a pair of tickets to the NYC Zombie Crawl presents “NY Mets Zombie Day”. Dress as a zombie and see one of NYC’s iconic baseball teams play the Marlins.  View footage from Troma Entertainment’s “Return To Nuke Em High : Vol 1” and come hang out with Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team as well as SHAW Promotion (because we love this stuff!)

To win these awesome tickets, all you have to do is email; winners will be chosen at random (although funny photos of animals do help your chances).  You must come dressed as a zombie or be prepared to become zombiefied.


“SHAW Me the Tickets” Giveaway to Streetlight Manifesto’s Last NYC Show!

(Ticket giveaway closed)

SHAW Promotion is giving away a pair of tickets to go see the last NYC show of Streetlight Manifesto on their “The Beginning of the End” tour.  To win these tickets, all you have to do is email with the subject “SHAW Me the Tickets – Streetlight Manifesto”.  Winner will be chosen by random, however photos of cute animals definitely help your chances.  Good luck!

For all information on the event, CLICK HERE

“SHAW Me The Tickets” – Girls & Boys + brite nites!!

SHAW Promotion has a pair of VIP tickets to giveaway for

Friday 8.23
Girls & Boys presents ONE MORE TIME: A DAFT PUNK TRIBUTE PARTY at Webster Hall

Saturday 8.24

brite nites presents Tyler Sherritt & Diego Camejo (Closed)

RSVP HERE with subject “SHAW Me the Tickets + name of the party
First come basis!!


You’re welcome and good luck!

Big UP, Up and Away!

SHAW Promotion had the pleasure of working with The Big Up festival again this year which took place this past weekend on a beautiful farm in Claverack, New York.  With the promise of Escort headlining (my favorite bands) Andy and I shoved our tent and supplies in the SHAW Time mobile and headed upstate for a few days of eating, drinking, and camping in the sun.  Or so we thought! It rained most of Thursday and Friday, and although we had some horrible casualties like my iPhone and camera, we were professionally prepared for this mud fest in other ways thanks to Governors Ball this year which was even muddier, like hiking through quicksand for 3 days.  It wasn’t too bad, in fact I loved waking up to the sound of rain hitting our tent.  Saturday turned out to be an exceptionally beautiful day and we were able to dry our stuff off on our car and ourselves off on the main hill with a beer watching bands.

My personal favorite part about The Big Up festival, and this is two years and counting, is they book mostly local tri-state area bands that I don’t get to hear about in the over saturated NYC music market.  Last Big Up it was Big Gigantic and Eoto, which blew me away with their skills, this year it was LeSpecial.  It seemed they have mastered every genre of music and mixed them all together on one album; funk, metal, electronic, you name it and they play it very well.  I am so thrilled to walk away from another year with a new band to throw on my playlist that I will listen to over and over.


Obviously then there was Escort, which has been my favorite car CD (yes, I still listen to CD’s in my car) for the past year after seeing them at CBGB festival.  The high energy, the ultra sexy lead singer, who knew that I too would love disco?  Escort did and they had hundreds of festival goer’s shaking their ass in the mud pits.  Andy was backstage using the port-a-potty before the performance and he happened to be rockin’ his band’s tee shirt, Metro Stylee (a ska band from the 90’s), when he over heard two guys say “Isn’t Metro Stylee from NYC? I know them”.  Turns out three of the members of Escort were also in a ska band in the 90’s called Skavoovie and they use to play with Metro Stylee.  Well, Big Ups to Escort for keeping NYC music ever changing and awesome, you really made a unique band that everyone can appreciate and love.


I want to give more Big Ups to August J photography for letting me use their photos for this post (I tried to link you, August J, but apparently there is a ton of August J photographers).  I was so distraught and lost without my camera and I wish I was able to capture everything through my eyes, but these photos are pretty bomb, so thanks.  Also, we would like to thank Zach and Destiny for being supportive of SHAW Promotion and we hope we get to work with you and The Big Up again next year, it truly is our favorite festival of the summer.


Andy & JaiDee on “Frankie Cooks: Dishes without Recipe” – Thai Cuisine

A few months back, Frankie Cooks invited us over to his SoHo loft where he set out to prove that you don’t need to know a be a chef to cook a great tasting meal the first time on his new show “Frankie Cooks: Dishes without Recipe” which aired on Thursday, August 1 on NYC Life channel (Time Warner Cable channel 25).  You can catch us chowing down on some authentic Thai cuisine with Frankie by clicking on the image above; we come in at 12:40 mark. Thanks Frankie, good luck with the rest of the season!

Also, check out his promo video for the show HERE!



SHAW Promotion Newsletter & Event Details 7.24 – 7.28, 2013

“Big Up Announces schedule, Coney Island Laser Show tix giveaway, .Wav presents Switch + Neon Indian DJ set, Fixed, Verboten StageOne”

Hey SHAW Readers,
JaiDee here this week! Andy SHAW is away on his bachelor motorcycle man trip somewhere upstate where apparently he is getting soaked by the rain. Good thing it’s hot hot hot here in NYC! I’m about to head out to the beach today, but let me give you the run on this week’s events because they are gooooood.

First and foremost, Big Up is in 2 weeks!! They announced their schedule yesterday and they are bringing 4 days of fun at a farm in upstate New York with bands like Holy F*ck, Escort (personal fav), Beats Antique, Chris Keating from Yeasayer, and way more. You can view the whole shebang BY CLICKING HERE. Oh, and you should probably by your tickets because you’re not going to want to miss this outer space festival.

“Inbound transmission from the mothership: The Big Up music schedule has been unveiled! Three jam packed days of musical eargasms kicking off Thursday at 4:15 pm with Elephant Wrecking Ball and culminating Sunday at 6 am as the sun rises during Orchard Lounge (official). Remember #Upstronauts, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Strategize your plan of attack and don’t forget about the 8+ hours per day of activities too! Countdown Initiated.”

Keeping up with the cool factor, this week is we also have Heart.DJ presents .WAVs, a Bi-Level Music Cruise featuring. Switch, Neon Indian DJ, Grandmaster Flash & more at Pier 81. This is a no brainer. I LOVE boat cruises and even better with awesome DJs, especially affordable ones and tickets start at only $30!

We also have a “SHAW Me the Tickets” giveaway this week to go see the Coney Island Laser Show “Best of Pink Floyd” edition. You win a pair of tickets, a pair of tee shirts, and a pair of passes to ride El Dorado. FUN! All you have to do is email me at and I will choose a winner at randomly (or by coolest email, let’s be honest here).

If I haven’t tickled your fancy yet, our friends at Fixed have special guest The Twelves on their one’s and two’s over at Le Poisson Rouge. These guys know a good dance party.  Feel the need to be outdoors dancing? We got your covered there too! Verboten back with their StageOne series, ending the night with Luciano over on the Williamsburg waterfront behind CitiStorage on N. 11th street and Kent Ave.  Expect over 3,000 happy, dancing people from 2PM-midnight.  For a complete line up and all the juicy details, CLICK HERE.

On top of all that, we have our regular weekly parties plus much much more! Just scroll down for easy viewing or you can CLICK HERE to jump right to our calendar.

On a final note, NYC is losing a great member of the team.  Mr. Brendan James, a NYC nightlife staple, is moving on the sandy-er pastures – he’s packing up and moving to Miami next week and is having one last hurrah at Left Field this Sunday evening.  He’s been working the door at Trash! for many years and that is barely the tip of the iceberg of what this beautiful soul has contributed to the nightlife scene.  He has Prince Terrance DJing and a special performance by Michael T and The Vanities.  Check out his FaceBook event post HERE to get the details.  We love you Brendan, you will be missed but not forgotten!

Alright kids, that about wraps it up for the week.  I need to go slather my body in sunblock and boogie on over to the beach. I hope you are able to do the same.

JaiDee and the SHAW Promotion team

SHAW PROMOTION parties this week 
* = open bar

Wednesday, July 24
“Props” with DJ Rich Medina & Akalepse at The Gallery at LPR
Thursday, July 25
FIXED Presents: THE TWELVES at Le Poisson Rouge
Deadly Dragon Sound presents “Downtown Top Ranking” at Happy Ending Lounge
DELUXE: A Downtown Social w. DJs Anubus & Chris Alker at Gin Palace
Friday, July 26
Heart.DJ presents .WAVs, a Bi-Level Music Cruise feat. Switch, Neon Indian DJ & more at Pier 81
Girls & Boys presents Seven Lions & David Heartbreak + Alex English & rekLES at Webster Hall
Trash! presents Eryn Woods live show + more at The Studio
Saturday, July 27
Verboten StageOne presents “Somewhere in BK” feat. Luciano, Carl Craig, & more at Williamsburg Waterfront
brite nites presents David Jones, DVBBS & more at Webster Hall
BASSment Saturdays presents M|O|D at The Studio

“SHAW Me The Tickets ” Coney Island Laser Show “The Best of Pink Floyd” Ticket Giveaway!


SHAW Promotion has teamed up with Coney Island Laser Show to give you a chance to win a pair of tickets plus other prizes to the “Best of Pink Floyd” edition with our “SHAW Me the Tickets” contest. The winner will recieve a pair of entry tickets, 1 pair of t shirts, and 1 pair of multi ride bumper car bracelets for famous El Dorado! To enter to win, all you have to do is email JaiDee@shawpromotion – winner will be selected randomly (or not depending on how awesome your entry email is). For more information on the show CLICK HERE for our Calendar listing.  Good luck!!